With Mikaela Diblasio

Empower Retreats

Come on a week adventure with me and experience an overall mental and physical recharge. The retreat involves daily fitness, healthy plant based food, self love & gratitude work shops and many amazing adventures. You will also give back to the community participating in a community project & beach clean up. As well as all the fun filled adventures there will plenty of down time to sit by the pool, relax & even enjoy local balinese massages. You will make life long friends, experience beautiful Bali, move your body and have lots of laughs and cuddles throughout.


Empower Coaching

I offer coaching consultation calls providing a space for you to unload what may be on your mind and help guide you to feel more positive and live a healthier and happier life. I can also give you workouts that are easy to follow, easy to do at home and that focus on celebrating your bodies abilities rather than on how you look. I can provide you with nutrition guidelines to help you feel more energized and if you are transitioning or new to a plant based diet I can help you make sure you are not missing any vital nutrients. No thought or problem is too small, I welcome you with open arms and am here to listen and support you through whatever may be on your mind.


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